Shit Happens
Comes in 3 different styles
High low t-shirt

Adam & Eve
Shit happens, but life goes on.

Life is Beautiful
Soft and lightweight boxy tee.
This design comes in 2 different styles

Life is messy, but beautiful. We call it beautiful chaos.
Embrace it.

Love My Shape
Silky soft and lightweight contemporary tee

Dessert? Always have and always will.
Indulge, and flaunt your shape.

Love is a Verb
High low lightweight tee

Love is an action.
You want me?  Prove it.

Soft and lightweight boxy tee

She is clothed in strength and dignity.
She is Fearless.

Love is a Verb
A deliciously soft and light boxy tee

love isn't just a word. It's an action.
If you want me, you're going to have to prove it.

Love is a Verb
A delicious silky soft and lightweight top

Aspire to be a giver.
A giver of love, strength, kisses and hugs.